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2 min readDec 13, 2020


Dear WSY Community,

Since the release of our letter and the BIPOC demands, we’ve been hard at work organizing, mobilizing and reflecting on what we’ve learned and what comes next. Major actions are on its way — especially for the new year.

When theatre comes back — we ALL should come back to a better and more equitable American Theatre.

Equity, Equality, Anti-Racism, Anti-Blackness and the Dismantling of White Supremacy are NOT trends. These core principles are here to stay.

In the last month, we’ve been monitoring recent anti-movement actions throughout the White American Theater. So, to cap off the year…it’s time for another action.

And this one will be twelve days long. *jingle jingle


It’s the Seasons Greetings: Twelve Days of Watchmas!

We’re rolling out a new article every day to address multiple topics, ranging from the reason for our anonymity to theatre boards and BIPOC leadership. These will be housed hereon our brand new . You’ll also hear/see accompanying testimonies (aka receipts) on our instagram account. Assets are uploaded daily for 12 days. Think of it as an advent calendar for the people, written for us and by us. Published on our terms. There are MANY voices going into this effort that reflect the multidisciplinary, multigenerational movement we’ve built.


STARTING TODAY, 12/13/20 and continuing until 12/25/20. Watch Instagram (@weseeyouWAT) and Twitter (@weseeyou_WAT) from 6PM EST to 7PM EST. Everyday. For the next 12 days.

The ASK:

Amplify, amplify, amplify!

Follow us on Twitter (@weseeyou_WAT) and Instagram (@weseeyouWAT)

The 12 days of Watchmas articles will be posted to Medium and the social media drops will happen daily. Please repost/retweet from our Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Again — critical mass is our strength! Make as much noise as possible.
Forward/share from your emails if you’re so moved.

This movement was generated by you and for you. To continue this movement we need your constant support.

Oh! In case you missed it, The New York Times recently ran an article about how a certain letter to the White American Theatre has shifted American culture.

In solidarity,

We See You WAT



We See You WAT

We are Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We are theatremakers. We demand a just and equitable American Theatre. Join us at